We are allthirds, a mobile applications development team. Working both locally in Hamburg & across borders all over the world, we strive to make beautiful, engaging and unique applications.

Whether you have a full concept or a vague idea, we work with you to make your vision a reality—or even go beyond it. Contact us now.


What we can do for you

  • We design

    Based on the concept we first make an initial draft of your application. By iterating and communicating with you we make sure that we are on track. In the second stage we finalize the design and create the necessary artwork like interface elements, icons and promotional material.

  • We code

    We implement interactive experiences for iOS, Android and Windows Phone based on the design. We program native applications as well as HTML5 and CSS web applications. Whatever the extent of your project and the featureset might be, we will make it possible within a reasonable timeframe.

  • We test

    We keep you in the loop when developing your app. You can install and test every major revision. By doing this we make sure that we're on the same page and that you are satisfied with the product. And we constantly test your app on all major hardware to ensure that it works.

  • We launch

    We help you with the launch of your app, prepare the necessary promotional material like screenshots and textual descriptions and get everything else in order. We can create your account with the publishers and communicate with them for you. Let us worry about the details!

some of our projects

We do freelance work, and make our own apps. View all

  • We have worked with the guys on several projects and their response time and precision is remarkable.


  • Unique interface unlike any other—matches the look and feel of iOS even better than the default Calendar app.

    imore.com on weekflow

  • Plays in the first league
    of calendar apps.

    itopnews.de on weekflow

  • Very beautiful and well arranged design. I had a minor stability problem with the app and contacted support, 
which responded with one hour with a practical solution. Great, keep it up!

    — User review weekflow (translated)

  • Made a suggestion and it was implemented immediately. You see that far too seldom on the Appstore. Great Service!

    — User review Tinbox (translated)


about us

allthirds equals three brothers with different skill sets and a shared passion to create. Our studies taught us to approach any project with structure and precision but we founded allthirds because we love making things that should exist.


Frank Mayet

Frank holds a Masters in Physics
and loves beautiful code.

  • Concept
  • iOS Development
  • Backend Solutions

Ralf Mayet

Ralf is Computer Scientist by training and has never not built things.

  • Concept
  • Web Development
  • Android Development

Alex Mayet

Alex has a law degree for structure
and an eye for design.

  • Concept
  • Strategy
  • Graphic Design

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